Project Management in The Real World


From your Moving Home to the Olympics: A practical and effective guide to managing successful projects within the real-world constraints of limited time, resources and budgets.

How many times do we hear of project failures … vastly over budget, long delays and embarrassing outcomes?

It doesn’t need to be like this! This course will offer accessible, practical and effective skills, whatever your project, greatly improving your chances of a successful outcome.


  • Target Audience:

Anybody planning a project, e.g. Supervisors, managers and staff, whether in public, private or voluntary sectors. Also suitable for general self-development and individual projects.

  • Course Aim:

To give participants the skills to confidently and effectively manage a wide range of projects within the real-world constraints of limited time, resources and budgets.

  • Course Objectives:

To learn the value of project management skills

  1. Reviewing why they succeed
  2. Learning why they fail


To increase participants knowledge of effective project management tools

  1. Understanding Planning
  2. Managing Change
  3. Risk Assessment and Management
  4. Quality Control
  5. Benefits Realisation


To learn to flexibly apply the essential elements of project management

  1. Assessing requirements
  2. Learning from experience (yours and others)


To work effectively within the realistic constraints of limited time, resources and budgets

  1. Keeping it real
  2. On-going assessment and reporting
  3. Being creative and effective
  • Trainer Bio:

Angela McCormack is an inspirational trainer with decades of experience in both commercial and third sector organisations. She is a trained Prince 2 Project Management Practitioner and has been managing diverse projects, as well as training on the subject, for many years. She now works as an independent consultant working with businesses and not-for-profit organisations, helping them manage and deliver a variety of ventures within the real-world constraints of time, resources and, often, limited budgets.