Body-Centred Mindfulness

Working with Body-Centred Mindfulness in Psychotherapy and Counselling

This course covers:

  • Understanding Body-Centred Mindfulness
  • Techniques for working with Body-Mindfulness in Psychotherapy and Counselling
    • Hakomi Body-Mindfulness / Sensorimotor Therapy / Somatic Experiencing
  • Experiential Sessions
    • Seeing Body-Mindfulness in operation
    • Learning to use the skills and techniques


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Target Audience:  counsellors, psychotherapists, health professionals, carers, and anyone with an interest in this area. 

Cancellation Policy: Once a booking is confirmed it can be cancelled before one month of the workshop date for a full refund. Cancellations of 2-4 weeks notice will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations within two weeks will not be refunded. 


Body-Centred Mindfulness: giving time to the exploration of who we are and how we relate to these many worlds both external and internal.

Mindfulness is, for most of us, an altered state that involves:
  • turning our attention inside;
  • slowing down
  • to access information via body sensations.
It allows us to reconnect to curiosity, and allow the wisdom of our own life-force to lead the exploration of the various internal realms that dictate how we relate to the world as a result of past experiences and our genetic make up.
Mindfulness supports us in developing the power to make and sustain choices that allow us to evolve beyond repeating past impressions that no longer serve us.
In restoring mind/body/spirit wholism, using mindfulness, we can connect to the wisdom of evolution’s journey within our cellular history and dance with humanity’s unique gift – free will.